Saturday, November 17, 2007

day 17 :: 1st day of the craft fair

what a day !!
craft fairs are exhausting, but in a good way, I think!
John took some photos for me ::
none of mine came out...way too dark inside for photo taking today!!
It was quite a quiet fair. Most of the other stall holders said it was a lot quieter than normal and I think we are all hoping that tomorrow is a bit busier. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!!
Today I FINALLY met my friend Nia, who I first 'met' via eBay.

Here we are looking very happy :-) (Nia is on the left)

Thanks for coming to visit me Nia, I had a great time, we should do it again soon :-)

I also had a visit from Lynn and Stella. Lynn was wearing the most gorgeous brooch that she had made and I had to take a picture ::

Lynn had purchased some felt from me a few weeks ago and when I realised she lives just up the road I shamelessly plugged the craft fair and she popped along!! I've just spent the last half hour or so looking at
Lynn's blog :: Lynn & Stella's shop blog :: and Lynn and Stella's etsy shop :: gorgeous things to look at :-) It was lovely to meet people face to face and talk about the blogging and crafts world and not get looked at like I'm crazy! Thanks for popping by, it was lovely to meet you :-)

I wonder who I'll meet tomorrow???


Unknown said...

Your stall looks lovely. I hope you sell out tomorrow, sunday is always a good day for crafty things, I think. I still wish I could pop down and say hello :( I will one day you know, and scare the life out of you by turning up on your door stop with a cake and demanding tea, hahahahahahahaha (scary, aren't I?!)

Locket Pocket said...

Hope the fair goes well tomorrow. Your stall looks amazing! Lucy x

Claire said...

The stall looks fantastic! Hope you sell out tomorrow! x

Kitty said...

I'm sure you'll do well tomorrow - we often found Sundays much busier than Saturdays.

Good luck! :-) x

Stella said...

The stall was fantastic, the best there;) Lovely to meet you Sarah, I am so pleased with all my purchases, good luck for tomorrow:) Sx

Gigibird said...

I agree with Stella - your stall was lovely and it was so nice to meet you:)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics, especially the monkeys peeping out of the box! Your stall was by far the best there. All the best for tomorrow xoxo

Providence Handmade said...

Wow! My mouth dropped open - you have an enormous amount of gorgeous things there! What lucky craft fair-goers!

Anonymous said...

WOW the stall looks amazing! keep up the good work, it is worth it when you recieve all the wonder comments.
I too did a Christmas fair yesterday and it went very well for me, as I hope it does for you
Thinking of you
Sharon x

Blooming Felt said...

Well done you !!! Your stall looks absolutely fantastic - so well organised and lots of beautiful colours. I'm sure today will be really busy. And it's lovely to see a piccie of you too!! At last, I can see what you actually look like instead of wondering al the time. Sarah x

Monkee Maker said...

Your stall looked fab (loving those little pink cakey totes) and it's great to be able to put faces to names!