Thursday, November 29, 2007

chocolate and zips

Today I sent out my last big order before Christmas. The box contains 20 happy trees, 20 reindeer and 10 frogs.
It's on it's way to an independent shop in Plymouth, which is my home town, how weird would it be if people I used to go to school with went in and bought some?? small world huh??

I had to go to the bank too (it's all fun here!) so I went via a newly opened sweet shop and got these ::

Just as sickly as I remember, but the colours are so pretty.

The rest of the day was spent battling zips. I don't know what the equivalent of writer's block is for a sewer but I ran smack into it today! BUT I persevered and eight, yes EIGHT zips later I mastered it!!
hoo-bloody-ray !!!
So tomorrow, to mark the end of blogging-every-day-for-a-month in style, I shall be preparing my first ever tutorial.

If you want your zip purses to end up like this ::

then I'll see you tomorrow ;-)


Claire said...

Looking forward to it! I need all the help I can get with zips :)

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Sarah,

Ooooh, I love those chocolate cup sweeties .... the sicklier the better for me!

And I also love the little monkey bag that I had in the post - thanks so much!


Unknown said...

Yes please Miss, I'd love to know how to do a zip properly and not just staple it on and hope for the best ;)