Thursday, November 01, 2007

November has 30 days

If any of you are popping by today to hear news of this months freebie then I am sorry but I have decided to give it a miss this month. I'm sure next months will make up for it though :-)

I have decided to join Amanda in her quest to blog each and every day of November. I'm hopeful that I will be successful but we'll see !!

So here goes, Day One of my quest ::

Today I finally completed an order that's been in the pipeline for a while. It first started in the summer when I was contacted and requested to make some samples of ideas for
Mr and Mrs House and the order was finalised last month. I've been working on it for a while and today I did the finishing touches.
The designs are exclusive to Mr and Mrs House and they are slightly different to normal because they are quite large and they are filled with Lavender. Cute AND smelly. Perfect!! LOL
They'll be on his website soon and I am going to put a link from my website too.
It's fun to work with someone else on a project, I'm looking forward to the next one ;-)


pinkgreen said...

They all look gorgeous - I can almost smell them from here! I am still laughing at your previous picture too - soooo cute!
Cathy XX

dottycookie said...

Love those flowers!

Good luck with the posting every day - I know full well I couldn't do it but I admire all of you who can and will be by to read what you're up to!

Unknown said...

ha ha, I bet you give up half way through...and just posting 'hello' doesn't count, missy!!!!! Good luck!!!! The lavender bags are lovely - I like the little dog best, with a brown patch on his eye, he is especially luverly. :)

picciolo said...

hi sisterini, your lavendar things are gorgeous, I love the frogs and yo-yo flower ones the best!

Rubyred said...

Love all your lavender things,just gorgeous!

Sebastian said...

I wish Christmas was in June.