Saturday, November 10, 2007

day 10 :: packing and wrapping

The wine went down very nicely, thank you :-)

In between sips I spent some time on the computer making packaging for my little things

I'm using good old cello bags, for ease and price, and adding a cardboard header with some information on. The back has my website address on it.These are made with paper, just a quick print so I could check if I had made them the right size or not. I'm quite chuffed with them !!!

I also did some wrapping of presents for my niece :: tomorrow is her 5th birthday party, and I can't wait!!


Kitty said...

I think you have the best presentation of any crafter I've seen. Your labels and headers and tickets are all as scrummy as your craftwork!

Hope your niece has a very happy birthday tomorrow.

Take care :-) x

Unknown said...

You do have the best presentation of any crafter I know too!!!

Happy Birthday Picciolo's Little 'Un!!! :) Hope she has a great party xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the new packaging! Very professional. Can't wait for next Saturday! x