Thursday, November 08, 2007

day 8 :: progress so far

One of THE best things* about having a craft blog is being able to look back in time to see how far you've come. To revisit all those awful ideas that just didn't work, to wonder how on earth you thought that idea would work and to see how your designs change over time. I also like to look back in time to see, actually physically be able to see what I have done!! So consider this a bookmark. As of today the photos in this post are the sum total of stock for my 2 day craft-fair. I have 8 days left to make more items, 2 of those I will be at work, 1 of them will be spent at my niece's birthday party.

I wonder how much I will get done?

*obviously The Very BEST thing about having a blog is all of the fab people you meet :-) but you all knew that, right???


Rubyred said...

You're so organised,just look at how neatly you work!I know that feeling when you panic before a craft fair,worrying that you might not have enough stuff,but I'm sure you'll be fine!If you havent got enough you could have samples and take orders and then post them.

Unknown said...

You are such a compartment box thing geek!!! :) (you know that already, of course!) all of my craft fair stuff in chucked into a big box (lovingly, of course!!) and then I transport it to the fair in a suitcase (wheely one - little tip there for you!)
It all looks fab, wish I was closer and I'd come and visit and be one of those people that dodgy market traders have to encourage people to buy things....I can't remember what they're called (makes mental note to find out!)

mollycupcakes said...

you've made so much and it looks great. It's so cool to see it all packed up and ready to go.
You should be very pleased with yourself sweetie.

Well done x

Catherine x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Wlll I think it all looks very organised...keep up the good work.
Suzie Sews
PS Have being tring to make an order with you...I think maybe my computer is not del. my mail...

Nonnie said...

You do look very organised. I'm also in the process of preparing for my next craft fair but it's about three weeks away. I think I need to reorganise all my stock now I've seen how neatly all yours is stored. Hope you manage to get as much more preparing done as you need.

the vicious chicken said...

Wow, you get so much done... it looks very impressive. And with 8 days left you should have heaps of stock by the time the fair comes around (work and birthday parties permitting!)

I'm glad you didn't mind me passing the frog pouch on to my mum (and I think she really liked it, so it has a good home with her). And thanks for your kind comment - I appreciated it :o)