Wednesday, November 21, 2007

back to the normal routines

After my week off work last week it feels kinda nice to be back in a routine again.

:: get showered and dressed

:: check out emails and questions on the blog/website

:: wrap and pack orders before work

:: go to work

:: visit the post office

:: go home and blog

:: have some dinner

:: cut out felt

so today (my day off )my work was nicely prepared in little piles, and I have sewn all day long

I did start my day on the sewing machine with some purses that needed zips but it wasn't the day for zips, so I gave up!!

So Vanessa, Catherine and Nicola your orders are nearly finished!!


Unknown said...

you are an organised little bunny, aren't you?

Kitty said...

Just seeing all those lovely piles of cut felt makes my mouth water!

:-) x