Sunday, November 11, 2007

day 11 :: birthdays

photo found on flickr :: here
I spent today with my niece. Whilst her Mum and Dad cooked up a feast, decorated the house, prepared games and prizes and party bags we had fun!! We played with lots of toys, decorated some fairy cakes (dolly mixture smiley faces, not quite as good as the pic above!!) and had a lot of fun. I left before the party kicked off (3pm) but I'm sure they will have a fantastic time :-)


Unknown said...

please tell me those cakes were bought in and not produced by your sis...because if she made them I might have to marry her (whether she liked it or not!)

Blooming Felt said...

OMG - those cakes are FANTASTIC !!! Happy birthday to your niece too - I'm sure she had a fab time.