Monday, November 26, 2007

business and busy-ness

So I received a phone call from my bank.

The fraud department.

Someone has cloned my cash card and got hold of my pin number.

And spent £120. In Ukraine.

I have to wait a good few* working days to have it all paid back.


The good news? it happened BEFORE payday and I didn't have much money in there!! HaHa!!

*no one knows exactly how long right now, could be 48 hours, could be 5 working days!!

It's left me wondering where it was that this happened (the bank thinks it was most probably a petrol station) and it's made me wonder if someone was actually watching me put my pin in *shudder* or if it was a camera? AND I want to know what they bought! Here's hoping they are living it up, just before they get caught ;-)

Onto nice crafty related things ::
This photo is for Katy, it is absolute proof that I am a box geek!

I had quite a few orders to make things for this weekend and decided to use a separate compartment for each one.

you have permission to laugh :-)


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

scary...hope you get the money back in your account soon...
Suzie Sews

Kitty said...

That's terrible about your money - hope they sort it soon. LOL at your boxes - my fabrics are all in clear plastic tubs with lids. :-) x

greetingarts said...

I'm so not laughing, I'm terribly impressed at your organization and subsequent ability to *get things done*! I need a couple of (dozen) boxes with compartments, myself.

Hope the money gets back to you sooner rather than later, and may the sneaky little creep get caught quickly.

Ali said...

Eek - poor you. But at least the Bank were on the ball.

Unknown said...

In the UKRAINE??? Blooming heck, these card cloners are jet setters, aren't they? The bank today told me if I join some new fancy account I get card cloning/identity theft protection....I pointed out that this was a legal requirement and was covered anyway, so there (I am such a geek sometimes, I heard it on radio 2 the other day, on the Jeremy Vine show).
And speaking of supreme geekness - I am indeed chuckling away at the compartments. I am mostly chuckling at the poor monkey, sat there smiling away in his little compartment next to some felt swatches. AND....another thing....there's lists in those compartments too, isn't there? I love it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your card - made me laugh that it was before payday though - if it were me they'd get about 50p! And as for the boxes... what can I say - Doesn't everyone do this??? I am a virgo!

dragonfly said...

Do I spy girlie felt squares??!!

Anonymous said...

You really are lucky that they couldn't get much money! We had this problem in the Netherlands too and we have lost about 1000 euro's! Lucky enough we have received the money back.

monda-loves said...

oh no what a bummer! After reading this yesterday I had combined car/card dream where someone broke into my car and stole my bag. Some how I knew who it was and I sought them out and pleaded with them to give me back my sim card from my phone - I told them they could keep everything in my bag (!) but I needed my sim card because otherwise i would loose all my friends.
Isn't it bizarre how events in your life and things you read can creep into your dreams


mollycupcakes said...

Flaming cheek of it, I hope they find them and throw away the key.
Makes me mad to think of someone doing things like that. Good news that your get the money back. Just in time for Chirstmas and pay day.
Everyone should watch their backs this time of year, I hate the chip and pin thingys, they are just crap. Everyone and anyone can see what your typing argh! lol
Rant over.
Thank you thank you honey for the lovely goodies. My little tree is hanging next to me. I'll post about them soon.
Catherine x

Gigibird said...

It is a worry.
I'm glad it is being sorted.