Sunday, October 07, 2012

a good day

look at all that crossing mammoth to-do list nearly all got done!
I have some machine sewing still do to, and some hand sewing later on (on the sofa) but the other 'stuff' is mostly finished, and the leftovers will be on tomorrows list instead!

Thank you all for your kind words of wisdom yesterday...some anonymous comments made me wonder if the post needed to be taken down but I left it up and in the end nothing too bad was said ... I am heeding the advice of being discreet and dealing with it without naming and shaming (although you all seem to know who it is anyway!) ... I shall let you know the outcome of course ....


Catherine Chronopoulou said...

Hello! This is my first comment. I really admire your work. You've been a true inspiration for me on how to run my own business ( i am just opening my shop on etsy- really excited). i had the same problem with you here in Greece. I've seen my work being copied by bigger companies than mine and it is a real shame because they "stole" many of my sales. As my company is small and not advertised i couldn't do anything but move ahead to new samples. Here in Greece if the products have even the slittest differences you can't claim copyrights.
I saw the SS blog. The products have differences but the packaging is the same. Surely she used your ideas but i don't know if you can do anything about it!!

Check my blog
Any advise is welcomed!!!

Julia said...

It may be better to be dignified about it and keep quiet but why should you? She really has no shame in selling almost identical products/packaging to you. You should also keep all your posts up. If some of the 'anonymous' of this world keep commenting hurtful things to you Sarah, they obviously don't care for you or your business so ignore them! You wonder why they comment in the first place...xx

CherylG said...

Hi Sarah. I too have found the site previously and thought how similar some of the products are. What annoyed me when I saw them was the packaging - why would anyone want to have the same, surely the point is to stand out and be different?

All your products have a USP and that USP is you!

I don't think you should name and shame as it is obvious to anyone with a search engine who it is and, anyway, that would not be your style.

I still visit your blog everyday and get very excited when there is anything new. You hold in there you have a lot of loyal followers who love everything you do and will continue to support you..