Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weekend trio

This weekend saw a lot of sewing prep, but not much actual sewing.  I did manage to finish a little trio of felt cuteness:
I have no idea who elephant is, but he sure is lucky to be loved by little monkey!


Deborah said...

So cute! love the gingerbread man :)

Bee happy x

marta said...

me too, I love the gingerbread. marta

Юлика said...

Monkey is so lovely :)
Lucky Elephant

Bernadett said...

Cute.Very cute.Can I have them???:)))

Lisa said...


Anne-Marie said...

The little snowman melts my heart....and my very own one arrived....with a few friends.....this morning....woohoo! I actually bought them as stocking fillers but they might not make it....they just might be "lost" in my craft room...hahaa!
Thanks so much, sweetie!