Wednesday, October 17, 2012

chasing my tail

I have a million and one things to do and I can't stop thinking of new ideas of things I'd like to make!
 It always happens like that when I am busy - I think my brain switches off whilst I'm packing parcels (or paying bills or chopping felt or counting buttons!), and goes mad deciding what to make next!
These photos are of sewing that was finished this morning - starting sewing at 6.30am really helps to get the orders out on time!....cross these off the list, only a million* things to do now!! :-)
*I am of course exaggerating - it is busy here but I LOVE it!  so many customers are buying kits and felt and crafty things, I love looking at the picked orders and wondering what they will be made in to.


wendyroomcreations said...

Welcome to the Spinning Plates Club! Still it beats watching paint dry doesn't it? Philippa x

pops-dot said...

The Christmas Gang above are so cute. My Pudding and Gingerbread Man kits arrived yesterday and my fingers are itching to get started at the weekend.