Wednesday, October 31, 2012

buttony dreams

If I had an actual shop where customers could come in, could see products in the flesh and hold them in their hands, I would definitely have a pick & mix button section.
It would be amazing - I'd have tables & shelves full of buttons in all sorts of jars, bowls, pots, troughs and trays....
 ...customers could come in & scoop up or count out the buttons and fill their own bags with whichever buttons they fancied...I'm sure some customers would spend hours, sifting through to find their favourites, and others would buy in a hurry, scoop - fill- scoop- fill, some customers may be overwhelmed by all the buttons and spend ages looking and thinking and not buy a thing...
...some would be happy to buy a few buttons, others would buy bags and bags and be in button heaven....One thing I know for sure is that every customer in my imaginary pick & mix button display would see these buttons and have to have one...or two!
After all,  I *HEART* BUTTON and I'm sure you all do too!
*sigh* I love my job!
My Virtual pick & mix section can be found by clicking here

ooohhh I forgot to say:  my felt delivery arrived today and all the colours are now in stock again, for those of you waiting for red and natural, it's back...and I have tonnes of it!


Anonymous said...

Who knows - the way you are going it could be a reality!! How exciting would that be!!??
Thanks for my order - paper is lovely! Loving the 'I heart buttons' so cute.

Anne said...

I would love to come to your button shop! i would be like a kid in a candy store!!!

You make so many pretty things!!!

with love from Holland, Anne

Jessie May said...

Button pick and mix! That's the best kind of dream. I'll be first in line when you open :)

Catherine Chronopoulou said...

Hi Sarah! That would be a great idea!!

Thank you for my order.I already used the felt in making Christmas cards.
You can check it out and tell me what you think

I will probably need some more though because i will be making some ornaments too!!

Catherine Chronopoulou said...

Sorry wrong blog.It is