Monday, October 01, 2012

want to play Jenga?

John was helping me to get all the orders done today...we were stood either side of the big table rolling and stacking mini rolls...and when it came to picking the orders it was like playing mini roll Jenga...It's nice to have some silliness in a very busy day!
As a follow on to this mornings post I have updated the website so when you are checking it it will remind you that orders won't be posted until Friday (I have a small stack of orders that came in late this afternoon and they will all be posted tomorrow)
We are off to Bridport in is our favourite place and every time we go there we love it even more, it's our perfect place for a mini break :-)


Colette said...

Welcome to Bridport!!

The wool shop in South Street (I'll be there Wednesday) now has a lovely cafe that does really lovely coffee and Cake)

Hope you have a relaxing couple of days.
Colette x

wendyroomcreations said...

Happy Birthday for Wednesday. I hope you have a wonderful time in Bridport. Philippa xx

Made By Ewe said...

Also look in on the Girl's Own Store in South Street - lovely vintage, retro things yum!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a lovely Birthday tomorrow!

Susan said...

I have just discovered your fantastic site.
What a great idea to have bulk buying possibilities also.
i hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy - love Bridport and surroundings! We go every year to a caravan site right up on the cliff tops!Checkout the Lyme Bay Winery - butterscotch and brandy liquer, yum!! Have a great time!

Dotty red said...

Happy Birthday, what a lovely time to get away. Oh and as for that felt, oh ah thats the stuff my dreams are made off... I need to get out more. LOL!!!!

Julia said...

Have a lovely time and a very happy birthday too! Playing Jenga with your felt rolls looks so much fun! xx