Saturday, October 13, 2012


This morning I spent hours & hours taking photos of lots of new products....merrily loaded them onto the computer, edited them and filed them away....but then,  when I went to log into my website I couldn't!
It seems that the server for the background work is down....the website is still there and still working , but I can't do any work to it...the gurus of website cleverness are fixing it so hopefully I can do it all tomorrow instead!
So I decided to fill my actual shelves up, rather than my virtual ones, and to go home early to do sewing ::


Anne-Marie said...

Oh least you got to do something useful, lol....can't have you with empty shelves, eh? Hope the sewing soothed you a little.
Was in John Lewis today, but couldn't find any of your stuff so I'm hopping over to your shop....stocking fillers are on my mind, hahaa!

Sweet Pea and Me. said...

I did a little late night shop for some christmas trimmings yesterday! I can't wait to get making a special christmas stocking for my boyfriend (I hope he appreciates it!)