Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Shop Stock!

Today I have added tonnes of new things to the this post is full of pictures and links to tempt you to buy all my lovely new things :-)
 owls + scarfs + Santa hats = the cutest Christmas ribbon ever (click here & here)
 spools of woven Christmas ribbon (click here)
lots of stripey ribbons (click here and here)
 aaahhhh sweet:  All My Love ribbon with polka dot hearts (click here)
 more Christmas ribbons: snowflakes and polka dot hearts (click here) and Christmas Puddings (click here)
 Amazing glitter Sellotape, it's so sparkly and I love it! (click here)
 Jingle bells in a smaller size (click here)
 mini wooden shapes (click here)
 fantastic new flower buttons in mix bags  OR pick and mix your own (click here)
 more Christmas and garlands and buttons (click here, here & here)
 luxurious velvet ribbon, all the old favourite colours AND new ones too! (click here)
 Bright Christmas Buttons (click here)
AND last but not least:  Halloween Buttons (click here)
all I have to do now is find somewhere to put it all :-)


Freetime said...

woooow, wonderfull colours and awesome ribbons!!! love it!!! :))

Anonymous said...

OMG ! you want all my money .... :)

Manu said...

Oh my God!!! The Paradise!!! =^__^=