Friday, August 15, 2008


Last night I just felt like sewing. I didn't feel like sorting stock or mending broken websites or updating my etsy shop.

All I wanted to do was sew.

So I did :-)

I already had these iron-on patches cut out so it was nice and relaxing, just me and my stitching!
I'm working tomorrow but have booked Monday and Tuesday off work so I can have a nice long weekend catching up on all the things I need to do, but tonight? I think a little bit more stitching will be going on!


Anonymous said...

love your work very much..btw, i send an email for you in your website.please reply if you do have time. Am waiting for the reply so that i can start listing the things i wanted to order...

Ta, Amy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
They are looking great.
Greetings, Ria

Anonymous said...

Good for you! xx

Anonymous said...

(sorry - that last one was me!)

Mrs Jelly said...

When you've got to sew, you've got to sew ... it's the same with chocolate!
Come and join the camper van swap I'm running on my blog.
I mean, you're not busy or anything are you?!

Apple said...

Your crafts are really cute!!!

Gagan Gaba said...

hey nice work, keep it up :)