Sunday, August 31, 2008

rained off

And the plan has changed again!
I got up at 6.15am showered & dressed and just as I finished there was lightning and thunder followed by RAIN....3 hours later it's STILL raining!
SO no craft fair for me :-(
I just need to put everything away again now *sigh*
'Scuse the bad's so dark here...but this is the collection of goodies I had gathered to take with me....time to put them away again!
Have good Sundays everybody :-)


Mrs Jelly said...

This weather is so frustrating!
We've got a big family fun-day near us (Jason Donnovan will be there!) and we've got thunder storms predicted so we're not going. Another day cooped up indoors!

Unknown said...


Bagladee said...

Sorry to hear that Sarah, the weather up here is dreadful too and I have to drive back to Nottingham in it later :( hope you get to go to another craft fair soon. xx

Nia said...

Goshdarn British weather! Boo!

Blooming Felt said...

Oh no - you poor thing. I've got some news that will hopefully cheer you up though .... check out my blog !! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

What a pain in the proverbials for you. This summer has been such a wash-out hasn't it.

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Oh gosh what a shame. We had heavy rainfall here as well so we had to cancel our cycling trip.



Anonymous said...

that sucks! :(