Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think I broke it!

Today I ruined my website ....
well, maybe that's a bit drama-queen-y.

I re-designed the order of the pages and the content of said pages on paper the other day and at about 12 o'clock sat at the computer and started the big re-design.

But somehow I forgot about all the links ... which I managed to break (and those that stayed put then linked to the wrong page *duh*)

SO for today I am beaten....I have used (many times) the handy 'hide page' gadget for all the cocked up pages and the pages that are still up are slightly sparse(and some items are on the wrong page!) the good news is that the supplies shop section stayed near enough in tact (hurrah!) AND because I stayed up late last night counting buttons into bags I was determined to get them in the shop.

So if you take a look and see some weirdness, never mind! 'twill be fixed soon-ish :-)

White wine and feet up now, cheerio!!
*photos are some of the new buttons, which arrived yesterday....


Blooming Felt said...

I can't believe it !! I'm waiting for the same spotty and gingham buttons to be delivered to me for my own shop !! Arghhhhhhh. Never mind. LOVE the new ribbon range as well.

And well done on doing all that updating - it's looking really good ! Enjoy your vino !

Sarah x

Bagladee said...

Hey Sarah, sounds like you're having as much fun as me with technology!!! My week turned into a right disaster as far as the site went....hoping to get it sorted this weekend. Hope you do too :) xx

pinkgreen said...

Those buttons are gorgeous. Hope the technical issues are soon resolved!
Cathy XX

Shelley said...

The buttons are great will be ordering some new supplies 2mo and I can't wait! Hope you get it all sorted soon.
Shelley xxx

Paula said...

Hi Sarah,
I found you through Emma, and I believe she may have mentioned me?!? Felt(hee hee)compelled to leave a comment to share in your frustration...I did the very same thing on my site!! You simply change a couple of page names and....kaboom,2 days fixing it all!!
Good look with it... site looks fab anyway!
Paula x

Indigo Blue said...

Oh what a Bummer!!
I can't stand looking at my site for too long as it takes so long to get anywhere so I need that glass of wine Before,During and deifnately After website tinkering. I love the buttons, I am going to go and have a look now.