Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Land Of Buttons

Today I went to visit my button supplier.
I was let loose in a room stacked FULL of buttons...buttons in boxes on the shelves on the wall, buttons all over the worktops and buttons piled in boxes on the floor....it was amazing!

They let me rummage, drink coffee and rummage some more!

I emerged two hours later with a depleted purse and a box full of buttons :-)
When I got home I realised I had no where to put my buttons....after a spot of re-arranging all my buttons are stored away.

John got these drawers for me...they came from an old garage/workshop that he helped clear and were filthy...they've been scrubbed and washed and now are in pride of place on my packing bureau...lovely!

I've got a lot of button counting & packing to do this week but everything should be on the website by the end of the week (presuming I don't break it again!!)
It was so nice to meet a supplier face-to-face, especially when they were all so welcoming and friendly, I would highly recommend it if you ever get the chance!


Anonymous said...

OOooo! Pretty! xx

Shelley said...

Ooh Sarah I want those beigey flower buttons!!! I have birthday money to spend and think I know where some of it will be heading lol.

Shelley xxx

greetingarts said...

Yeah, that last shot of flower buttons made me gasp, literally. So lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Wow, a room full of BUTTONS!!!! The flower buttons are so pretty.


Nia said...

A room full of buttons? Sounds like heaven! I'm soooooo jealous you got to do loads of button fondling ;-)

Celia said...

I love the pearl flowers! Lovely buttons!

Brook said...

I loveeeeee the flower buttons!! beautiful!

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous buttons sweetie, you could just swim in them.
I think a box of buttons is just a magical as a box of chocolates and zero calories lol

Many hugs

Catherine x