Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm easy to please!

*oh boy was I excited!!

lovely lovely moo cards :-)

John needed to drive to Portsmouth which is really near our nearest HobbyCraft and after a slight bit of arm twisting he went in and bought me this little lot ::

10 sheets of each, what a lovely boyfriend :-) and Kitty? now you know where it comes from you can be a polka dot felt addict too!! yay!!

My sister bought me some new drawers for Christmas (I got some last year too, for ribbons, and I love them so much I asked for more!)

So today I spent possibly too much time and had a little too much fun sorting my cottons into colour order. I have one reel for every colour of felt I own. Super organised or slightly nerdy? Ah well, it was fun and don't they look lovely :-)


Kitty said...

Oooh thank you! Hobbycraft eh? I did have some gorgeous multi-coloured spotty felt but bought it in a shop called Camp Hopson's in Newbury - I haven't been back there since, but needless to say have used all the felt up.

I also have reels and reels of threads - I have two baskets - 'warm colours' and 'cool colours' - now who's nerdy? :-p x

Blooming Felt said...

OMG !!! Those cards are even better than mine ;o) and as for all those absolutely gorgeous colours of thread ..... !!

Where did the drawers come from? I MUST have some !

Sarah xx

monda-loves said...

i love moo cards - such a simple yet effective little thing of lovliness and that spotty felt is too cute (did i just say too cute? eugh)

re my January blues - my fabric stash arrived today, so that makes me feel quite a bit brighter (nice bright colours too).


Monkee Maker said...

I second your sentiments .... Lovely Lovely Moo cards!! Makes me want to log into Flikr and order more immediately!

Your pictures are always so inspirational .... thanks for that.


Locket Pocket said...

Marvellous Moo's!!! Don't we all love them so much? Your photos are excellent! And I covet those see-through drawers for your threads! Lucy x

Anne said...

Hi, I'm usually more of a lurker on your blog, but I love your stuff and therefore: You make my day! Check out my blog for a little more info.

mollycupcakes said...

It's so easy to get in a mess with everything I think it's great your so organised. And share the OCD that alot of us women have on here for neatness lol
You'll never here any of us cry "where are my keys" lol cos we have a special place for everything.
OOw hobbiecraft I'm off there tomorrow if it's not raining.
I have to thank you for inspiring me to have a go. I'vemade the girls a felt cupcake and am very proud of it. And it's all thanks to you and another lovely lady Sophie.
Catherine x

Unknown said...

no, not slightly're ever so, ever so nerdy ;)

But I did drool over the drawers full of organised threads so that makes me a nerd too!

Indigo Blue said...

There is nothing nerdy about loving the threads and materials that help us create. I am green over those see-through drawers! Shows off the lovelt threads brilliantly, no hunting in unlabelled boxes or rummaging through bags.
Where did you sister find them? They would make an ideal Valentines present (wierd I now but there you go) when my hubby asks.

Regina said...


My name is Regina and I'm from Spain. I love your spotty felt. And I would like to get it. Could you help me? I entered in the link of Hobbycrafts but I can't find anything there...

Well, Your creations are really good!! and I would like to do the same! but not so better than you ^^

Thank you very much.

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