Friday, January 11, 2008

shopping and sewing

I'm slowly completing the WIPs I showed the other day, I want to finish them all so i can take photos on Sunday, the weather lady on TV said it will be sunny and I hope she's right!

For all you drawer fans out there take a peek at this::

all these beauties can be found here.
If you buy some be sure to share your super organised photos with me :-)


Unknown said...

ah, muji - but of course. The box geek heaven!!! I love muji, it's fab. We have one in the big town, and most of the kids' stocking fillers were from there.

Kitty said...

*goes off to inspect see through drawers*

:-O That sounds much ruder than it should! x

Pink Stitches said...

Lovin your new ideas! How cute!
Could you tell me where you got your working tray from. Could really do with something like that for crafting in front of the TV! :)