Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I fear I have given the wrong was made obvious by John's BIG laugh at all your (really sweet, thank you) comments about my being tidy and organised. It really is only my felt and fabric that is tidy (well, the whole craft storage area) but the rest of our flat? It's messy! and the mess is mine :-)
I'm off work tomorrow so I'm planning on catching up with a few more errands and I might tidy up ..... or I might just sew all day !!


Unknown said...

Don't try back pedalling now...we all know you're a geek.
Don't bother tidying tomorrow, just sew and drink tea (or coffee if you prefer), what's the point in tidying? It just gets messy again.

greetingarts said...

I agree, just sew. Definitely.

Kitty said...

I only tidy 'properly' if someone's coming *blush*. Crafting is a messy business - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. x

dottycookie said...

Stuff the housework - sew, sew, sew! (says she, who will likely be doing the former but wishes she could be doing the latter)

Blooming Felt said...

Tidiness stifles your creativity - it's a well known fact !!! Hence the reason my own house is a complete tip ! Sarah x

Kae said...

Life's too short to waste time tidying :D Call it a creative mess that stimulates your artistic brain :) My excuse anyway :D

Have a good day sewing!!!


Kate said...

I always think as long as the dishes are done the bathroom is clean and the beds are made the house looks fine, and you don't notice other peoples dirt anyway, so craft to your hearts delight.
Just a quick question do you cut out your letters by hand or do you have a machine?
Take care