Monday, January 14, 2008

you gotta smile...

Today's photos speak for themselves really, I've been making happy faces!
This morning I joined a new group on Flickr called Etsy UK, which I found via a link on one of my favourite blogs, Bugs and Fishes. If you are in the UK and have an etsy shop you should go and check it out.....
On another subject altogether, how does everyone reply to comments? Mostly I find it impossible to reply....Blogger doesn't provide email addresses or anything as simple as that but not replying sometimes feels out-right rude. I'm going to try to reply via the blog, so if a question was asked yesterday I'll reply today and see how that works, but if anyone has any bright ideas I'd love to know what they are!
So mollycupcakes please order when you are ready and I'll sort out a bargain price with you because I kept you waiting so long!
and CraftyB my amazing trays are from Ikea, I have two and they are just perfect :-)
Oh, and Incywincy you won my freebie but I don't have your address PLEASE email it to me, thanks :-)


Blooming Felt said...

I haven't worked out the replying to blogger comments either and agree - sometimes it does seem really rude !!

If anyone's got any ideas - can you let me know as well please? You might be really lucky and get a reply !!

Oh - and those smiley faces are sooooo cute !

Kitty said...

Awww, you have perfected those happy faces - they're lovely.

As for the replying thing - I just reply in a new comment. Sometimes I reply to 8 people in a single comment, but I do it anyway as I don't like to not reply. Not sure if that helps or not! x

Unknown said...

I don't reply either...unless I have an actual question, then I leave a comment on said person's blog.

I'm going to ask you a random question now, and see if you answer it. Hee hee hee.
Those happy faces are lovely, but pray tell me, how many muscles does one use when one smiles?

monda-loves said...

yup the comment thing vexes me too. I think we probably all understand that were not really rude people but that we can't work out how to reply - although I seem to be able to reply to lucy locket (recycled her pocket) so maybe she has the answer to all of this (I should ask her really).
In the meantime replying in your blog is good too as I guess everyone get to see answers to the burning questions, such as the one about spotty felt.
Apologies for the massive comment! (no reply necessary - LOL)

Sarah and Jack said...

In order for you to be able to directly to comments, your commentors need to change their blogger profiles. There is a little box that says something "show email address" or "make email address available", and if they will tick that box, then their email address will appear on the comment when blogger emails it to you instead of "no-reply@blogger".

Try putting a PSA on your blog post to encourage people to tick that box.

(You will see my email address is visible when this comment is emailed to you.)

mollycupcakes said...

Thankyou so much for that lovely happy blog honey, it really made me smile. I need a bit of cheering up my poor old dad isn't very well and poor mum isn't coping but I can't really help cos they live in Nr Ireland and I'm in Kent.
Seeing your rows of happy faces really gave me a lift lol silly I know. But thanks honey. x
I'll get ordering soon and my email is
Catherine x

dottycookie said...

The comment thing is almost enough to drive me away from using blogger. I usually try to follow through people's blogs to find their email, or at least leave a comment, but I have just for the first time started replying in the comments themselves. It isn't my preferred way - I generally don't go back to reread comments on a post I've commented on, but you're right, it feels rude not to acknowledge in some way.

Pink Stitches said...

Thanks for the heads up on where to get the trays - may feel a trip there soon and a bit of overspending!!
Glad you asked the question about replying to comments, that's always bothered me but thought it was just me not being technical minded! I hate not replying to people they must think I'm so rude!

Indigo Blue said...

On my profile I have made my email address available when I leave a comment. (I hope I have). To reply I normally check my emails first or I go via the blue links in the comment box. It depends on how many you get and how much time you have. I love getting replies as it makes you fell included and that your comment has been read.I did not reply to a french comment because my french is so bad I thought I might accidently start an international incident by mistake!