Wednesday, January 16, 2008

comments and WIPs

The other day I posed the ever worded 'comments & how to reply' question.
It seems there is a simple answer.
The only piece of action required is that anyone who uses blogger and who would like comments returned/replied to needs to edit their profile. I have not suddenly acquired the ability to fathom these computery things BUT SarahandJack have!

If you would like to activate this bit of blogger then log in, go to 'edit profile' and there is a little tick box (it won't have a tick in it) that says ... show email?
Tick It.

Then your profile will look like this (with a nice blue link to your email address) ::

Mine does now because I've just ticked my box.......
Doing this means that you can reply to comments via your email...aren't computers clever!!


Ana Baird said...

Thanks for the info. Lovely hearts!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

How are you getting on with this, I have done this also, it worked for months then suddenly it started to store my emails sent from comments in my Spam folder, now I have had to revert back to the old way of painstaking emailing everyone personally and if they do not have an email address on their blog I can't do it. I feel I lose touch with people. So I am really keen to know how you got on. Thought of you a lot this week as I am getting through my felt stash!!!

dottycookie said...

Fabdiddlytastic. Blogger is wonderful for free, but it does have some rather irritating features ...