Tuesday, March 13, 2007

well I never (and feel sure I never would!)

Every morning I flick on the computer and breeze through my list of blogs which I regularly read. It tops 100 but not everyone posts everyday so they get read quite quickly. I keep a pen and scrap of paper handy in case I need to go back later when I have more time. i.e. after the days work !
I have been aware, for quite sometime now, that someone is using my blog and shop for their inspiration.. Inspiration giving is fine, who doesn't enjoy the daily craft blog rush of ideas? BUT and this really is quite a big but, inspiration is different from all out copying.
This morning I accidentally clicked the bookmark for the copiers' site. I know it is there and can't delete it because I want to know how much is copied (it's like looking at a wound, you have to look but know when you do your stomach will flip) but today I clicked and there were all these felt card toppers looking extremely like mine.
Except they are ugly. Someone has stolen my ideas and made them badly. Which is more insulting?? I don't know. But I do know I hate it. I especially hate that this person has included a copyright statement on 'their' designs !!!!!!
I am off to work now feeling annoyed. And sad.


Blooming Felt said...

Oh no - that's awful. I'm going to email you separately with a couple of ideas. Chin up x

Me and Him said...

That sucks. Your creations are awesome. I'm sorry someone is basically stealing your designs, and badly. Hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

bugger, that is terrible, always a great fear of mine as well. There doesn't seem to be any solution either.. just such a pity. I find inspiration lots of places but if I make a direct copy of something I never sell it or post it on my blog, it is always just for me and I would credit the inspiration. best of luck

Anonymous said...

sorry, posted this one before i finished signing off..