Sunday, March 04, 2007

Disaster day

I have a broken laptop. The power no longer charges and as a result we can no longer turn it on. It died on Saturday morning. Big J and I went to a computer fair today (soooooooo dull) and got advice from a variety of experts then spent a good few hours in PC world and Curry's and tra lalalalalalallalalla we have a new computer!!!!!!
So the new computer is marvellous BUT the old computer has so much stuff on it that I need/want. Apparently we can buy some great gadget that will get the stuff off our old hard drive and give access to it on our new computer..........I have no idea how this will happen but I'm sure we will figure our way through it!

SO all my old email is on the dead laptop. I need everyone to please re-email me their addresses so I can send their freebie parcels! I know who has won what and everything is packaged...except there are no addresses on the envelopes!!! aaaaahhhhhhhh
Sorry to be a pain but I have no idea where to send them !!!!!

But now we are back online and hopefully tomorrow we can reinstall the camera software and the scanner and the printer and everything will be back to normal (except the bank balance, but hey, I need a computer!)


Ali said...

Oh no - computer disasters are the pits. Hope you do manage to get all your stuff back.

Our hard disk went phut last summer and caused major trauma. I'm e-mailing you with my details.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your laptop! You should be able to order a new battery for it. Is it a namebrand like Dell, HP, etc? I would contact the manufacturer and order a new battery. It might cost you almost $100, but it would be worth it. Batteries on laptops are usually only good for a certain number of charges.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it just needs a new battery, no?