Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clever Clogs

A quickie to say I have solved all my photo storage troubles! Picassa is the winner for me :-)
I have changed the readers' gallery to Picassa and will hopefully have a catalogue for you to look at soon...I have decided that Picassa is marvellous...all my blog pictures are in a separate album, without me doing anything and creating a gallery and catalogue will be a piece of cake...I love it when these things are made easy for me...yippee !
I'm off to sew cupcakes for a special order now xxx


Anonymous said...

hello sisterini! just thought i would say hi and leave a comment for the first time, love you xxxx

Natasha said...

Hi just found your blog and have to agree with picassa!! We have used the downloaded version on our pc for a couple of years and just love it!!