Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've been quiet but I've been busy !

There are two reasons to explain the lack of posts on this blog. One is that I have been busy with life and not done much craft, or the other is that I have been SO busy with craft there is no room to blog !!!
The reason this time is the latter, so busy sewing that the computer didn't get a look in !

The cheeky chappy trying to get his photo taken is My New Monkey....

I have been talking about him for ages and have spent the past few evenings working on him and now he is finished. I love him :-)

His tail is held on with a flower.

Aren't monkeys great ?


Anonymous said...

I love his tufty fringe and flower tail!

Natasha said...

Oh he is really really great!

Me and Him said...

The flower is a great touch.

Fibrespace said...

He's very cute, does he have a name?