Monday, March 05, 2007

Parcels of freebiness are on the way !

Thank you to every one for re-sending their addresses to the new, shiny computer.
All of the envelopes are addressed, half are in the post box right now and half will be tomorrow. They all would have been posted today except I forgot to tell the computer to send both my email addresses' emails to my inbox. whoops. I sometimes wonder how I manage to do anything on this marvellous machine !!
I just hope you all think it is worth the wait :-)

Tomorrow I am off to work very early indeed. 8.30am. I normally arrive at 9.40am and open the shop at 10am but tomorrow I will have email at work (hopefully) our computer expert has tried three times previously to install (it's the wires and drilling holes in walls causing trouble, the computer side was done at attempt one) so that means I can have about an hour of his time, which I plan to use wisely, I'm thinking questions about hard drive copying/saving will be top of my list ;-)

I have just reread the last paragraph and think I'd best explain that I normally get out of bed about 7amish have a coffee shower, dry hair, dress etc etc then about 830am I turn the computer on and get my morning fix of blog reading (and parcel up eBay sold items) or do some sewing. I have a lovely relaxed breakfast every morning and then stroll to work. My job is full time / part time ! It suits me perfectly, I work 5 days a week (so full time) but only 6.5 hours a day (part time) It's great for me !! I can work here before I go to work and I can do shopping/laundry/housework/post office-ing etc etc once I have left work and still have a full evening to do sewing or blogging or relaxing.....I have the perfect job for me and I really do feel lucky that I found it :- )

I promise photos of something soon !!
I have a saga of softie making to share. I have decided it will be therapeutic to share the mistakes and blips and it will be much better for me to do that than stamp my feet and say bad words to the sewing machine. Hopefully it will give me the shove I need to unpick and redo.....but I won't ruin it for you . I promise to leave all mistakes intact until I can take photos !!


Blooming Felt said...

Hooray - my freebie brooch kit arrived this morning. Thank you SO much. It's absolutely brilliant !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my brooch kit. Materials to make enough adornments to jazz up many a dull winter coat!