Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blue and green must never be seen

Today I decided to re-design the packaging I use to pack up purchases made from my eBay and etsy shops.
I played around in Publisher and (after installing the printer) printed off a few of the ideas.
Unfortunately our last colour ink cartridge seems to have a problem with red so (after nozzle checking and head cleaning) I gave up on browns and pinks (they look grey in the pic above) and decided to try spring time colours. Who said that blue and green don't go together?

Big J thinks it's looking like mass produced stuff (I take it as a compliment) but why can't home produced products have gorgeous packaging too?

I say it can so it stays :-)

HmmmI didn't think this post through very well because...ta dah here are the newbies I have been working on today...

I think I may have spoilt that by putting them in the packaging photo but hey ho, the colours matched!!

This week I also finished off a wholesale order and as always I made more than was needed (I do it on purpose) and here are a few mini bags

I love the colours together, so bright and cheery !

I'm off to give my eBay shop a bit of love, it's been a bit neglected since my week off and I need to fill it up again.....all I need to do now is make a whole heap of goodies to fill it to the brim!!


Fibrespace said...

They are so cute, the packaging looks fantastic!

Natasha said...

Oh such wonderful things you make!! So glad I found you!! The apples are adorable and I love the mini bags!!