Friday, August 30, 2013

The Freebie with many parts :: Part Four

Welcome to Day Two of my newest Freebie Day offering - aptly named 'The Freebie with many parts'
Over the past few weeks I have added a lot of new products to my shop - lots of buttons, ribbons, fabrics and, most excitingly of all,  lots of new paper-and-string kits, and this freebie is a freebie to celebrate All Things New!
So how does it work?
It's simple : the prizes (of which there are many) are all split over different blog posts and all you have to do to enter is leave your answer to a question I will ask you in a comment at the end of each blog post.
There are also a couple of added ways to join the freebie - parts one & two & three have already been posted so scroll down to see them....and stay where you are for part four!
 there are 2 prizes in part four - 2 winners will each receive 3 fat quarters of fabric .... just visit this page of my website to take a look at the whole range of fabrics I sell and put the names of the three you would like to win in your comment below....

one comment per person
your comment must name three fat quarters (the three you would like to win)
you must come back at the end of the freebie to see if you have won (freebie ends and winners will be announced on Thursday 5th September)
I will post worldwide
you can enter every part of this multi-part freebie, but you can only enter each part once
multiple entries/incomplete entries will be deleted before the winners are drawn
Good Luck!
I'll be back with part five in a mo .....


Unknown said...

Doodlebug flowers aqua, Pin spin teal anddddddddd Flutter butter red :))

krazy knit kerena said...

hi thank you for the chance to win i like the cool spool stone,kiss dot orange and paisley spree grey,i have been making crochet bags and the would look lovely lining them.

Unknown said...

There are so many it is hard to pick

But I love

Scandi Mushroom
Gray Coffee Pot.

I think i'd make something for my mums kitchen with the grey fabric as it matches it perfectly.

Almudena Antelo said...

If I win I would like: scandi mushroom, small chevron rainbow and pin spil teal

Unknown said...

Ta dot grass, ta dot grey and hearts o'plenty please. I love your shop

Rachael said...

You're so kind, I'd love a chance to win Hearts O'Plenty multi, Soul Garden Multi and Ta Dot Grape.

Unknown said...

I would love to win - Leafy Vines, Ta dot Minnie & Minnie Holiday Gnomes. Great Giveaway - again! Sue x

Michele T said...

Oh wow! I really love them all but these three are my very favorite:
Doodlebud Hearts Multi, Pin Spin Teal, and Hearts O'Plenty Multi! Thanks for the fun!!

Michele T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teasel said...

Pin spin teal, soul garden pink and doodlebug flowers. All lovely!

Penelope said...

Coffee pot grey, Cool spool stone and Ta dot ocean. Such a hard choice as they're all lovely!

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Ooooh, I really want to win this one!! I'd have:

Doodlebug Hearts Multi (that's one of the ones I ordered for my friend the other day, and will struggle to give away!)
Doodlebug Flowers Aqua
Santa's Workshop Red Big Dot

Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance!

Maria xx

Unknown said...

Cool spools stone, Pin spin teal and Paisley spree gray please x

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Ooh would love: small chevron green, running stitch orange and mini holiday gnomes.

Thanks for the chance, Estelle xx

Cher8 said...

If I win I would LOVE pin spin teal, mini holiday gnomes and gnome for the holidays xx

frog said...

Dots dots dots all the way for me! Ta dot pink , teal and grey are my favourite :)

quiltercaroline said...

So many pretty things - I really love the scandi mushrooms, the mini holiday gnomes and the santas workshop aqua big dots. Thank you

Sweetcrafts said...

May i have Doodlebug Hearts,Gnome for the Holidays and Coffee Pot Gray please??? Thanxs anyway :))

Jenna Burns said...

So many lovely ones, if I am picked I would love Small Chevron Girl, Small Chevron Rainbow and Santa's workshop Aqua big dot please :) x

Anonymous said...

Ordered my felt for Christmas presents last night, now for the fabric. If I won it would have to be
Mini holiday gnomes, ta dot breeze and pin spin teal.
Thanks for chance.
Paula Aka Polly Anna

Unknown said...

I would choose:
So happy multi
Ta dot pink
Ta dot teal

Many thanks

Nannie Sheila said...

Excited ............. I would love please :-

Mini Holiday Gnomes
Gnome for the Holidays
Font Tastic Berry

I haver my fingers tightly crossed :)

Pickle Lily said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions ...
Pin Spin Teal , Leafy vines and Flutter Butter Red please for me. jo x

Bernadett said...


I would like to win:
small chevron rainbow:
fabric ta dot ocean:


Louise B said...

I would love the doodlebugs heart multi, Ta dot teal and Ta dot stone. Thanks for the chance to win.

smiliesnoopy said...

wow that was a hard choice, ta dot pink, soul garden stripe,polygon cocoa. thanks.

Unknown said...

Hearts o plenty
Tiny flowers
Ta dot confetti

Pene said...

I love the Gnome for the Holidays and mini holiday gnomes also the doodlebug flowers Aqua.
Fingers crossed

lindseylano said...

I would love to win hearts o'plenty multi, scandi mushroom and tiny flowers watermelon :)

Yorkshire Quilter said...

Hard to choose just three, but I'd love to win Coffee Pot Grey, Mini Holiday Gnomes (so cute!!)and Santa's Workshop Red big Dot.
Thanks for all the great giveaways!

craftymummy said...

Another difficult choice!
I like Ta Dot Grass, Scandi Mushroom & Doodlebug Flowers Aqua. :)

mrsgiddy said...

Ohhhh I would love, chevron rainbow, that's all dotty berry, that's all dotty cocoa

Cristina Salgueiro said...

Ok, so here it goes:hearts O'Plenty; Flutter butter red; doodlebug flowers aqua.
Thank you for the give away :)

Anonymous said...

I would love Doodlebug flowers, Doodlebug hearts and Santa's workshop aqua mini dot. Thanks for the fab giveaway.

Sue x

Anonymous said...

Love all of them!! But I've definitely been eyeing up the Leafy Vines, the Small Chevron Rainbow, and the So Happy Multi in particular - I'll be ordering them even if I don't win!

Jenny Coton

Anonymous said...

Flutter Butter Red, Mini Holiday Gnome & Ta Dot Grape please. You are extremely generous!!!! xxxx (Katherine Earnshaw)

artemi said...

This is the hardest choice so far! I would say the Small Chevron Girl, the Coffee Pot Gray and the Tiny Flowers Watermelon..!!!

anna said...

gorgeous fabrics!
i would choose:
small chevron rainbow
so happy multi
that's all dot berry

can you tell i love multi-colour?!

Robot said...

So many fabrics, all delicious, I love Doodlebug Flowers, Mini holiday Gnomes and Tiny Flowers.

Silvia Galloni said...

I love Pin spin teal,doodlebug flowers and doodlebug heart

Annie said...

How generous and how hard to choose! I would love to win Ta Dot Pink, TA Dot Teal and Ta Dot Ocean, Thanks.

Gill said...

Running Stitch Orange
Ta Dot Minnie
Ta Dot Lime

Anonymous said...

oh how many looovely freebiees ^_^
my fav
pin spin teal
small chevron red
small chevron green

at live
dot it

Colour Splash by Cath said...

Doodlebug flowers aqua
Kiss dot orange
Ta dot lagoon

...very cheery :)

Emma Doble said...

Loving all the fabric but my top 3 would be:

Doodlebug Flowers Aqua
Pin Spin Teal
Santa's Workshop Aqua big dot

Fingers crossed x

Kate said...

Leafy vines, Ta dot breeeze and Doodlebug flowers please!!

M'G said...

It's evil to force us to choose, they're all amazing :)
Well, I would love the "Doodlebug Hearts", "Soul Garden Stripe" and "Ta Dot Marine" ;)

Anonymous said...

Flutter butter red
Leafy vines
Ta dot fuschia

♡ ega


KarenB said...

Such a hard choice but
Santa workshop aqua big dot
Paisley spree Gary
Doodlebug hearts multi

Karen x

Anonymous said...

Flutter butter red
Doodlebug hearts
Tiny flowers :):):)

Deborah Howells said...

I would love: Scandi Mushroom, Soul Garden Pink and That's All Dot Berry. ★★ x

Hannah Johnson said...

Oh wow, I would love

Ta Dot Breeze
Ta Dot Confetti and
Ta Dot Stone please :)

Thank you

C said...

This is a Sophie's Choice situation for me. Oy!

Doodlebug Flowers
Kiss Dot Yellow
Leafy Vines

Atelier de Mimos said...

My choice:
* leafy vines
* doodlebug flowers aqua
* small chevron rainbow

The Hardy Stamper said...

So hard to chose just three, but after much deliberation I am plumping for
Dot N Square Acid
Leafy Vines and
Santa's Workshop Aqua mini dot.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

Rita... said...



Unknown said...

Leafy Vines, Pin Spin Teal & Santa's Workshop Aqua Big Dot.

Unknown said...

wow! thanks for the chance!
So, my daughter wants Tiny Flowers Watermelon and I wish Hearts O'Plenty Multi

Anonymous said...

All your fabric is adorable but I will go with Flutter butter, Scandi mushroom and Soul garden orange.

Thank you for the chance!


Emma said...

After lots of thought I would choose - Ta Dot Bubblegum, Ta Dot Raspberry, and Ta dot Grass.

What a lovely dilemma to have!

Sara wiggins said...

Loving this comp. my choices if I won would be:
Small chevron rainbow
Soul garden pink
Leafy vines.
Thank you x

Anonymous said...

I have a great project in mind for these!!

Thats All Dot Berry
Leafy Vines
Coffee Pot Grey



Mandy said...

What a decision! That's All Dot Berry, Paisley Spree Grey, and Gnome for the Holidays. Thank you for these opportunities x

Samantha Goodall said...

Wow so many to choose from :
Doodlebug hearts
Santa's workshop Aqua big dot
Pin Spin Teal

I have everything crossed ;-)
Sam x

Claire said...

Gosh, another tough choice!

Mini holiday gnomes, santa's workshop aqua big dot and scandi mushroom!

Phew! another great giveaway - thanks Sarah!

Unknown said...

Ah you're fabrics are so lovely!!! My favourite 3 are polygon cocoa, polygon watermelon and hearts o' plenty multi.

Thanks!! Han

Sunnybec said...

Thanks for the chance to win. My favourites are

Tiny Flowers Watermelon
Dot N Square Acid
Santas Workshop Aqua Big Dot

Nicola F said...

coffee pot grey
Thats all dot white
Doodlebug flowers aqua.


Michelle Fullerton said...

my 3 would be

gnome for the holidays
ta dot breeze
coffee pot gray

Unknown said...

If I was lucky enough to win I would choose:
Clownstripe turquoise
Doodlebug Flowers Aqua
Ta Dot Breeze


Unknown said...

If I were lucky enough to win, I totes love these fabrics...

Leafy Vines
Polygon Cocoa
and Soul Garden Orange :D

Love Toni

Anonymous said...

Ta Dot Fuschia, Ta Dot Gray and Ta Dot Grape please... ta muchly - clare x x x

Eli said...

So many pretty things! If I was lucky enough to win I would choose:
1- kiss dot orange
2- kiss dot yellow
3- santa's workshop red mini dot Thank you!

JSimp11 said...

Clownstripe turquoise, Doodlebug hearts multi, Ta Dot fuschia.

sarah said...

Oh I am just in love with the two holiday gnome fabrics. Along with the Santa's workshop red mini dot that would make a great bundle!

Sally A said...

Small Chevron Girl, Ta Dot Breeze and Ta Dot Stone. Fingers crossed.

Kay said...

I LOVE fabric. Thank you so much for sharing. I really like the Ta Da Dots in Lagoon and Confetti, also the Small Chevron in Girl.

Laura Gorton said...

Coffe Pot Grey,Mini Holiday Gnomes,and Leafy Vines if I win please!

trash said...

Three? Oh alright but you know this makes you really mean, right? After much deliberation I have gone for Rainbow Chevron, Fonstatic Berry and mini Holiday Gnomes.

Charlotte said...

How can I choose?! hearts o plenty, leafy vines and tiny flowers watermelon :)

Leah said...

Coffee Pot Gray, Leafy Vines and Ta Dot Lagoon please! Love the Ta Dot names by the way. :D

chrissie said...

After much consideration:
Doodlebug hearts
Mini holiday gnomes
That's all dot berry.
Fingers crossed and thank you.

Lorraine Wilson said...

I think:
Doodlebug hearts, hearts o plenty multi and gnome for the holiday are my favourites, if we are lucky x

Louise said...

So many to choose from but if I was lucky enough to win I'd like Thats All Dotty Berry; Doodlebug Hearts;Small Chevron Girl. Thanks for the chance

Anonymous said...

I would choose Cool Spools, Santas Workshop Aqua big dot and Gnome for the Holidays.

Anne said...

The doodlebugs harts multi , Ta dot fuchsia and the doodle bug flowers aqua are the favorits here :)

Thank you

Thoughts from the Stitchy Side said...

Cool spool stone, paisley spree gray, coffee pot gray

Jackie Sotero said...

Tiny Flowers Watermelon
Small Chevron Rainbow
Doodlebug Hearts MULTI


MummyCat said...

Leafy vines
Scandinavia mushrooms
Tiny flowers...
Would be bliss!

sian reynolds said...

Paisley spree grey
Leafy vines
Coffee pot gray

Manu said...

Oh my, there are so many lovely fabrics my head hurts... but I'd love to get 3 fat quarters of one same fabric, and that's Coffee pot gray - so I could make the loveliest kitchen cushions :)

Unknown said...

Gnome for the holidays
Mini Holiday gnomes
Hearts o plenty

Юлика said...

Small Chevron Girl, That's All Dot Berry, Pin Spin Teal

Thank you

Anonymous said...

it's so hard to choose :)

My favourite are:
- Mini Holiday Gnomes
- Gnome for the Holidays
- Flutter Butter Red

Thank you

Os Pitinhos said...

flutter butter red
doodlebug flowers aqua
so happy multi


Charlotte Lewis said...

I love all of them but would have to go with:
Hearts O'Plenty Multi
Small Chevron Girl
Doodlebug hearts

Thank you xxx

Unknown said...

After much thought I have decided So happy multi, Hearts 'oplenty multi & ta dot minnie are my favourites of the bunch.

Catherine Chronopoulou said...

That's all dot Berry, doodlebug hearts, Santa's workshop Aqua big dot!!!!!

araleling said...

So many :O
My favorites are Doodlebug hearts multi, Ta dot fuschia and Mini holiday gnomes

Unknown said...

I would really like to win so happy multi, doodlebug flowers and hearts o'plenty multi. Thank you so much!

ievinch said...

Flutter Butter Red, Hearts O'Plenty Multi and Soul Garden Pink.
Many many thanks for the big giveaways :)

Jessie May said...

Thank you for the chance to win some of your lovely fabrics. If I was lucky I would choose Pin Spin Teal, Santa's Workshop Aqua Mini Dot and Ta Dot Lime. Thank you.

Sonieta said...

I would like small chevron rainbow, ta dot grape and ta dot Teal.
But i'll buy some anyway

Samantha Choquette said...

Coffee Pot Gray, Cool Spools Stone and Pin Spin Teal!!!!

Thanks again!!!

Unknown said...

You know what? Any of the ta dots would be lovely...any 3 colours . L x

sammy said...

the fabrics are all lovely but I would choose hearts o plenty, font tastic berry, small chevron girl. x

* Marinda * said...

Flutter Butter Red
That's all dot Berry
Scandi Mushroom'

Love them!


Юлия said...

Hello!I like
gnome for the holidays
hearts i plenty pulti
santa s workshop aqua big dot

Shulahoopla said...

Oooh so many pretty, pretty fabrics!! If was ridiculously lucky enough to win i would love...

Thats all dot - cocoa
small chevron - rainbow
small chevron - girl

greeneggs said...

You have so many pretty things to choose from. I'd pick

coffee pot grey
gnome for the holidays
scandi mushroom

Anonymous said...

Ta dot gray
Ta dot lagoon
Ta dot confetti
Kim poole

Brandoncorp said...

So many lovely things, it's really hard to pick just three !
I would choose :
-hearts o'plenty multi
-scandi mushroom
-small chevron rainbow

Jenny Casey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny Casey said...

Oh My gosh you have gnome fabric.

My 3 faces are:
So happy Multi,
Mini Holiday gnomes &
Pin Spin Teal

Rachel bird said...

Love them all,

Paisley spree-Gary
Ta dot fushia
Kiss dot yellow

But these would be my fave! :)

Unknown said...

So hard to choose!

Paisley spree gray
Coffee pot Gray
Ta dot fuschia

Anonymous said...

I like leafy vines, soul garden orange, kiss dot yellow


Sparkly crafts Julie said...

So pretty and so generous, my 3 would be:
Ta dot mustard
Cool spools stone
Font tastic berry

Fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

great giveaways! I would like the Tiny Flowers Watermelon, the Small Chevron Girl and the Hearts O'Plenty Multi!
Thank you,

marta said...

it's hard to choose. I think I would win
thank you

Ivy said...

Nice fabric !!
My 3 choices are
* cool spool stone
* small chevron girl
* font tastic berry
Thanks a lot for organizing these nice freebies !!!

Susan Tonkin said...

My favs are doodlebug hearts, mini holiday gnomes and santa's workshop aqua big dot. :-)

Gaenor said...

Very hard!! But, as you are pushing, I could maybe narrow it down to:
So Happy Multi
Pin Spin Teal
Doodlebug Flowers Aqua...

thank you!

Lyndsey T said...

I'm a huge fabric addict... too much choice...umm

hearts o'plenty multi
leafy vines
mini harlequin watermelon.


Sarah P said...

Difficult to choose, but I would love Doodlebug Flowers Aqua, Santa's Workshop Aqua mini dot and Pin Spin Teal.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i like the doodle bug flowers, hearts o'plent, ta dot stone

Mad About Pink said...

dots of any sorts and gnomes would be my favourite fabric.
They are so lovely, thank you

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fabrics!!! If I win I would like to have Hearts o plenty
Tiny flowers and dot confetti!!!

Mary Poutou

Jayne Schofield said...

Hi Sarah....they are all lovely x But I will go for...doodlebug flowers...fantastic berry...and kiss dot yellow x

Anonymous said...

I would love to win doodlebug flowers, santa's workshop and ta dot raspberry :)


Anonymous said...

Oh too many to choose! But among my favs:
doodlebug hearts
Gnome for the holidays
TaDot Tangerine

Unknown said...

Can I have all 57? Nah just kidding, I'd like ta dot confetti, cool spools stone aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, ta dot tangerine. God that was hard haha!

Anonymous said...

Hmm my post didn't post i will try again.
They are all too nice but as i have to choose it would be
pin spin teal,
ta dot minnie
ta dot grass.

Thanks muchly

Glenys said...


liza said...

I would love to have :
1. small chevron rainbow
2. Santa's Workshop Aqua big dot
3. Scandi mushroom

Unknown said...

I would really love
Doodlebug flowers
Doodlebug hearts
Font fantastic berry


Rachel W

Julia said...

Such a fab choice but mine would be so happy multi, mini harlequin watermelon and doodlebug flower aqua. Thanks for the chance of winning :0) xx

pops-dot said...

Mini holiday gnomes, Hearts o' plenty multi and small chevron rainbow are my faves. Thanks.

minomano said...

Hearts O'Plenty Multi
Doodlebug Hearts Multi
Leafy Vines
Hearts because of my daughter and green is my favourite colour.
Thank you!

Little Dotty Bird said...

So many gorgeous fabrics!! I'm esp loving the Ta Dot Grape, Scandi mushrooms and the leafy vines x

queen_jellybean said...

So hard to pick but.... Ta dot ocean, ta dot grey and.....doodlebug flowers. Thanks!

Louise said...

So many beautiful fabrics, but it would have to be: -
Ta dot marine
Ta dot Minnie
Ta dot stone

Hannah said...

Small chevron rainbow, polka dot mustard and the doodle bug flowers. They are all so pretty though!

Owlsandco said...

Oh, this is sooo hard.
Leafy Vines
Small Chevron Raibow
So happy multy