Tuesday, August 20, 2013

picking of your brains....

I just posted these questions on facebook, but I know not everyone is on there (what with me being a newbie there myself)
I'd love it if you could spare a moment or two to answer in the comments:
random question #1
do you / have you / would you sell your handmade items in a proper bricks and mortar shop on a rent-a-shelf scheme ?  I'm thinking a dozen hand picked sellers of only the most gorgeous crafting abilities......
random question #2
if your favourite online only store had a bricks and mortar proper shop how far would you travel to come and shop / come to classes / craft courses?
answers below pleas, and thank you in advance :-)


ricketyjo said...

Hello :)

1. Possibly, I think it's a good way to get started without having to have a bricks and mortar shop of your own.

2. I live in London, so anywhere I could easily get to that is close to a tube station. Further afield, the most I would go would be up to 2 hours probably for something like a workshop, but would depend on the cost of the travel on top of the workshop.

Jane said...

Hello Sarah,

1. Unfortunately I'm not well enough at the moment, but selling my handmade cards is something I really want to do and I would definitely be interested.

2. I live in Surrey (only about 50 miles away) and have been a fan for several years so I would definitely come to a shop and classes too if I was able.

Exciting stuff!!
Jane :-)

Voske said...


1. If only I had more time I would certainly consider that option. But I do have a day job and I do like to make stuff but family is, for me, more valuable.

2. I live in the Netherlands in a small village. I would like to go shopping and I love workshops but not if it takes longer than 1 hour by car.

Anonymous said...

I would love to come to your shop if you had one, but I live in Edinburgh and I think you'd be to far away. I'd only travel for an hour maximum.

Unknown said...

1. I would definitely rent space in a shop if it sold other things that I liked. I sell in a real one at the moment on a sale or return basis but they have to up the price to cover their costs and so I end up lowering mine as I know it won't sell otherwise.

2) If it was a fab shop and something I loved I would prob travel a couple of hours
Hope that helps
Lucy x

krazy knit kerena said...

hi for number one i would like to but not sure what i'm making yet but it's a very good idea.
number 2 if the class started lunch time onward i would consider but as others have said cost of the course and travel which is why i suggest after lunch to give people time to travel (i'm from London so 10am start is a bit early if having to travel 2 hours first).if i have a holiday planed i would work it in or work a short break around a course.hope this helps Kerena

ailsa said...

Hi Sarah

I think it's a great idea and if I lived nearer, I would love to go to craft workshops especially if there were a variety of different classes. Unfortunately, Japan is just a tad too far away!

I also think a lot of crafters would welcome the chance of selling their goods in a 'real' shop but are put off by thinking they would need to have a constant supply of stock to hand.

Anonymous said...

My 'makes' would not be good enough yet as I am still learning but eventually I would love to sell like this so I can only imagine that many people would love to rent a shelf in your shop.
I would be prepared to travel for up to two hours to a workshop.
Kind regards
Mandy :)

anna said...

i would definitely be interested in a rent-a-shelf situation if the finances worked and i felt that the shop and i suited each other (and of course if the shop thought my stuff was good enough!)

at the moment i have young children and no childcare so travelling for shops and workshops isn't really an option, but maybe in the future i would. maybe an hour journey?

Karen said...

Hi Sarah

1. I, like most crafters would love to rent a shelf as I think its a brilliant way to get out there. For me personally I would have to be assured that my shelf was looked after. From your perspective a sale or return basis is good but a lot of crafters may prefer to sell to the shop.

2. I would definitely go to a workshop and would drive about an hour to get there or hour and half on the train. Classes are a bit thin on the ground down here but up there you should get plenty of custom my lovely xxx

Highland Monkey's said...

no 1. I would rent a shelf. I think it's a good idea.
no.2. That is a bit more tricky. I have to travel half an hour to get to any shops. Depending on the class and length of time spent in the workshop. If an hour no more than half hour, if longer would be prepared to travel further. HTH.

Jessie May said...

If the cost of petrol wasn't an issue I would be happy to travel a couple of hours to visit a good craft shop and make a day out of it. Living in Milton Keynes is a good central place and London is easy. I have a friend in West Sussex so to come to the south coast would be an occasional trip tied in with visiting my friend Katherine.

Julia said...

I think renting a shelf would be great idea, although you'd have to make sure you don't have too many of the same things for sale. I'd definitely be interested.
I'd also be happy to travel to a shop if you were to open one, but it would have to coincide with doing something else as I'm (same as above) in Milton Keynes, so you're not just round the corner from me! xx

JessE said...

Hi, definitely interested in renting a shelf, great idea. I sell online, and via word of mouth but haven't looked at retail as yet, but definitely interested. As to travel, I live in Bath so prob not re travelling to a class.

Lynda T said...

Question 1 - I'm afraid I'm nowhere near skilled enough to consider selling my craftie bits and pieces

2) To shop, about 40 / 50 miles. For courses, probably a bit further

You'r own shop - wow, that would be amazing !