Tuesday, August 06, 2013

boxes of cute

amongst all the usual day to day goings on here at paper-and-string 3 exciting things happened today.
1.  I remembered to pay my VAT bill a whole day early! I don't mind paying VAT, in fact I'm actually quite proud that we need to and that paper-and-string is contributing to the country in it's own tiny way, but I don't like to pay way before the deadline, and I especially don't want to pay a fine cos I'm a day late.  So a day early is good :-)
 2. The first Autumn/Winter delivery for John Lewis left us and will be there tomorrow (all being well).  16 boxes containing 1850 kits - which means SOON, really soon, the new kits will be revealed!!!
3.  I chased (for the third time!) a FED EX tracking email and after paying customs duty etc was told my 26 boxes should be released from customs and out for delivery tomorrow...all 26 boxes are full of ribbon - yippee!!  hhhmmm I don't know where I will put them, but I'll worry about that when they finally get here!
and because all 3 of those exciting things have no photos I thought I'd show you my newly labelled boxes (labelled with my Dymo Label Maker) - all my weekend makes now have a nice new home.

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Happyezz said...

wauw wat gaaf!!!