Monday, August 12, 2013

A little bit of making ....and a lot of DIYing!

This weekend past by in a blur of Ikea Flat Packs! 
4 chests of drawers, 3 wardrobes and 2 bedside cabinets, mixed with a trip to Brighton to meet with John's Cousin who was there on a mini holiday, a sunny Saturday evening in the pub garden with friends, not to mention all the usual weekend tasks of accounts, unpacking a new button delivery (see how I snuck that in?) and general house jobs like food shopping, hoovering and the like.
At least our bedroom has finished it's make over and we can move out of our makeshift living-room-as-a-bedroom and back into the bedroom again - and a marvellous bedroom it is too, John is fab at painting and decorating - we finished in the nick of time because my niece is coming to stay for a few days, and she'll be here in ooohh about 10 minutes, and this evening the living room will be her makeshift bedroom ;-)

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Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Hope you enjoy being back in your lovely new bedroom! We've been having some flatpack fun too - we've just finished an Ikea desk for my craftroom. The poor lumberjack says it's the worst flatpack he's ever put together - oops!
Maria x