Thursday, August 01, 2013

orders & orders

It's all about orders here today - orders from customers being sorted out and picked & packed...and the other kind of orders, the ones where I send emails, ask questions, get samples, argue about prices, wait the waiting game THEN give the go ahead and sign on the dotted line (all of which happens over days & sometimes weeks but a lot came to fruition today!)  there are TONNES of ribbons on the way (I think they will arrive first?!?!?) and TONNES of buttons and lots & lots of NEW goodies which I am keeping a secret until they arrive :-)
I am such a teaser
and I am also a box maker ::
and in a moment I am going to help John and be a Kit Maker for a few hours (day 2 of late night kit making - these pesky new kits are taking a long time to make!)

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