Tuesday, August 27, 2013


it's amazing how much stock we can squeeze into our teeny stock room....we thought it was full but after re-jiggling everything yesterday* we managed to fit in all the new items - 23 bolts of fabric :: 200+ ribbon gift packs and 100+ kgs of buttons...I took photos but it's hard because the big table gets in the way!!
 Button Corner is slightly overflowing, so please can you all buy lots & lots so we have room to move again??
It was suggested yesterday that I may have bought too many buttons - but that, as we all know, is complete nonsense - obviously we have the correct amount of buttons - it's just that the workshop is too small :-)
 Today we came to work in our super-full and newly tidied workshop and concentrated on clearing the back log of Bank Holiday Weekend orders - a sudden flurry of die cut kits were ordered, so I got busy with my iron and die cutting machine  whilst Becky picked orders as fast as lightning.....
 ...after the colourful fun of die cutting I duly stood at my packing position of Pink Tissue Paper and didn't move until I had packed every single order - all 5 sacks of them!!
 * I'm not a terrible slave driver of a boss - Becky asked to work on the Bank Holiday and is having Thursday off instead!


Emma said...

Forget tropical beaches and all that malarchy. Your stockroom is my kind of paradise!

Denise SA said...

I think I would like to live in your stock room