Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ginormous Important News

I have BIG came out of the blue and it's very exciting!!
It all happened yesterday ~ I'll try and tell how it happened nice and fast .....
Yesterday - a normal day.....I was picking & packing orders, cutting out sewing to sew, working through my new kits spreadsheet and working on last week's accounts.
I then got an email.
whipped out my calculator
double checked it all
emailed again to confirm
went to the pub with John to celebrate
Ta -dah!  and that's how it happened ~ a simple email from me to order more felt (via the spreadsheet of all knowledge), a simple email back telling me that I now order SO MUCH felt that I get a discount.
And the discount is good.
I have to maintain my order levels to maintain the discount, but I think I can do it! 
and this is where the news gets AMAZING!! 
look at what the discount means to my new prices, same special 40% wool felt, same glorious colours BUT at super-dooper-better than before prices!!
How great is that ?????
 Ginormous Important News delivered - I am going to start changing all my prices NOW.  (I think it may take a while!)
I'll pop a note here, with some links when they are all done - if you are itching to order some felt today WAIT - it'll be cheaper when I am finished :-)
If you have ordered felt and it hasn't been posted yet I will send you a refund before I post it.
If you only ordered felt the other day and are a bit peeved - I am sorry - I didn't know this was coming.
UPDATE (2:48pm 15/6/13)
all my felt prices in all my online shops have been changed - you can now shop at the new lower prices :-)


Unknown said...

Woohoo!! For you and for us :) Your business is doing so well!
I was going to order some felt this weekend - I think I'll wait a bit and get the new prices :) More felt for my money :D

Em said...

How fabulous .... was going to order some felt & now must do at these prices :-)

Unknown said...

Well, that will teach me!! But fab news for next time :)

artemi said...

this is the best gift on my birthday!! great news, thanks!!!

Tengkubutang said...

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done follow here,
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Jessie May said...

I love how you're kind enough to pass on your discounts to us!!

Zethan said...

That is Super Awesome!! How excited you must have been when you got the e-mail.

Atelier de Mimos said...

BIG BIG news! I have to buy some new colors, but is hard to choose...
I glad to taking so long, i'll go buy so much more :)