Saturday, June 08, 2013

getting technical -TWICE!

I have *finally* made two long-awaited technical changes round here - the first (you may have seen already) is that I have joined Blog Lovin...I've seen it happening all around me in Blog World, mostly (I think) because Google Reader (my previous Blog Reader) will be shut by July 1st...and how else to read and keep up with fantabulous crafty blogs than with a blog reader gizmo?
 I've been a Blog Lovin member for a couple of days and I 'claimed my blog' the other day, which means if you join and use Blog Lovin as your new Blog Reader too you can just click the Blog Lovin button over there on the right and follow me & my blog. 
The second act of technical wizardry is that I have opened a paper-and-string facebook page ( better late than never, right?) - so if you are a facebooker and want to follow me over there you can!  So far I have set up a facebook app of my etsy shop and another of my ebay shop, changed my photo a couple of times, and checked out how links from ebay and noths work - not a riveting read so far but I think I am getting the hang of it - please check it out and if you have some handy hints or tips please let me know :-)

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lazylol said...

I too have moved from Google Reader to bloglovin and I really like it.