Thursday, June 06, 2013

sewing & spreadsheets

yesterday I started making some new flower drawing pin colour combinations
today I have spent much of the day with spreadsheets.  the John Lewis Christmas forecast has arrived which means a lot of number crunching round these parts; I'm trying to work out which stocks to order and when - I've only really scratched the surface of it all today...mostly I have been full of happy smiles and randomly saying things to John  like 'do you know I need to order 64,240 pom poms?' 
It also brings a touch of panic too - but I will be calm and work my way down the to-do list until I am organised. 
But first I shall be outside sewing my drawing pins - it's sunny out there and the spreadsheets can wait until tomorrow!


liniecat said...

Thats a hell of alot of pom poms LOLOL

Zethan said...

Your absolutely Amazing!