Friday, June 21, 2013

for serious button crafters

 All serious button crafters will know how it feels to have *the* perfect button for a craft project.  The perfect size, perfect shape AND the perfect colour.
Sometimes one perfect button is all you need - but sometimes you want to re-make the design and that means you need more perfect buttons.
 I re-make lots of my designs and use a lot of the same buttons over and over - which is why, way back in 2010, I started to dye my own buttons and soon after I started selling my dyed buttons too.
 In February this year I was VERY excited to launch two teeny tiny buttons collections .... both dyed (not by me this time!) to match all 45 colours of my felt --- and now I have BIG button news!
In my shop I have ::  NINE different styles of buttons ALL have been dyed to match my felt (in every single one of my 45 colours) AND they all AVAILABLE in my button pick n mix selection - so if you need 4 purple buttons, you can have 4 purple buttons - if you need 47 red buttons, guess what?  I have them too!
It is button heaven for all serious button crafters.
all dyed to match my felt buttons are here
all pick n mix buttons are here  (I do lots of different pick n mix buttons!)


Jessie May said...

Did you know, you have the best button selection I've ever found (and I look at a lot of buttons in stores). Love your buttons!!

Unknown said...

I don't think I've ever seen so many buttons in my life. What a great selection.

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