Thursday, June 13, 2013

NEW button-y goodness = free buttons for you!

I have button news.
New button products have arrived and been added to my shops - and very lovely they are too!
First let me show you these ::
 Becky and I *love* these - the buttons for these have been here a while and we have spent rather too long than is normal quite some time looking at them and making up the cards
 each button card is different - each has 10 buttons in a colour theme
 and all the buttons vary in size,
 and in design ::
 but they are all gorgeous accent buttons - proudly packaged on my new packaging cards - and we think they look super smart and offer great value for money at just £4 a card.
 Our other new buttons were delivered today :: new colour choices of our best selling button shapes, hearts; in pinks and reds, and flowers in lovely bright colours
I accidentally-on-purpose ordered waaay too many heart buttons so I could share them with you all!
all you have to do to get a 50g bag of *new* heart buttons is make a purchase from my website and enter the code ::
in the special box at checkout (you can't miss it)
and I will add the free buttons to your parcel.
order must come to £5 before p&p is added
I will send one pack per customer
I have a lot of packs and the offer will run until they have all gone
I will pop a note here when they have all been snapped up

quick links
new button cards are here
new flowers and hearts are here


Carry Loves Cats said...

oh my! those colourful flower buttons are amazing. i may be purchasing some of those in the future! :)

Bagladee said...

Wooooo pretty buttons on pretty card!!! You have so many tempting products Sarah its like a massive sugar rush reading your blog :D may need to go and have a lie down now xx