Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buttons In Boxes

Remember the other day when I had a MASSIVE button delivery?  And all the empty button trays I had to fill (27 of them)?  and remember how I said I'd tell you about them another day?
Well, today is the day!
These, my lovely blog readers,  are my new and fantastic Button Boxes :: 
 All of the buttons have been dyed to match my felt
 there are five colours in each box
 in 10 different button styles
 and every box has 150 buttons
and each box is only £5!
There are 9 colour collections and you can see them all by clicking here


Manu said...

Love!!! <3

Unknown said...

Привет! А сколько в рублях? И сколько пересылка в Россию будет?