Thursday, April 26, 2012

tidying: interrupted

OH NO!  such a shame!.....

.... my mammoth tidy up was rudely interrupted  by a button delivery !!
*sigh* so much work to do,  and all of it so much FUN!!
PS for those that asked yesterday, yes my new drawers are FAB!  they are metal, come in red, white or silver, each drawer fits A4 paper and is nice and roomy...and they didn't take too long to make!

right, it's back to work for me...there's no rest for button addicts hard working crafters!


Studio Paars said...

Well it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it I suppose ;)

*sighs at all the lovely buttons*

Anonymous said...

You're definately the girl for the job! The colours look amazing!

Lanka said...

Ах какая красота!!!

Anonymous said...

^_^ lovely buttons !!!!

otaku_nymph said...

:O such cute buttons! :D where did you get them? will they be available in your shop, or are they strictly personal use? ;D