Monday, April 30, 2012

postage prices 2012

Today is the day that Royal Mail's prices change... my prices for postage will be: nearly the same as before!
I've tweaked it a little bit, but I've kept my price changes to the minimum (the biggest change is to the Europe/Rest of the World split, it was all one price before)
1st class : £1.95
1st class recorded : £3.00
Special Delivery (UK) : £6.50
Anywhere in Europe : £3.00
Rest of the World : £4.75

I'm taking a gamble with the 1st class prices, it now costs £2.70 to send one packet weighing up to 750g but if I send as many parcels as I can in Large Letter Format (from 90p+ for tiny, light weight orders) it should all even out...that's the theory, and it keeps prices low for everyone so lets hope it works!!!  I shall be checking it all over the next few weeks and if anything changes I will of course let you know!

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Indigo Blue said...

They really don't help do they? With the number of on line shops, TV shopping channels and small businesses etc, I can not understand how the GPO can not make a better go of it. They should be doing much better rather than raising prices. Bad management I suppose.

Hope the sums add up.