Wednesday, April 25, 2012

space making

I bought more Ikea furniture!...this time I succumbed to Helmer (x3!),  handsome Bright Red 6 Drawer Units, which just so happen to fit under my counter (which is in fact a Lack shelf, originally purchased for Workshop #1, turned on it's side because there was no where else for it to go!)   I'll show you another photo once it's all tidied up properly!


Little Dotty Bird said...

ooh i like those drawers! I'm trying to kit my new studio space out for cardmaking so they look like the type of thing I need too!

Do thet hold A4 sheets?

cheers, Lisa :)

Jessie May said...

Love the red drawers, they are very cheery, just what you need on a grey rainy day!

Opol said...

I bought a "Helmer" last year, it's great!!!