Wednesday, April 11, 2012

back from the land of parcels

phew-ee! yesterday was a manic day....I picked and packed 4 big Post Office sacks of parcels! I looked like Father Christmas walking to the Post Office (luckily John could come with me so I didn't have to go twice!!) But I managed to get every order out, so if you're waiting for a parcel it's on its way...clearing the orders yesterday meant I had some machine sewing time today......and sewed 10 boxes! I do the hand sewing part at home in the evenings and then machine sew them at the workshop, the hand sewing takes a long time so it's so satisfying to see them finished and piled up beside the machine.


Pickle Lily said...

Just wanted to say, my parcel arrived today, complete with some lovely felt flowers! Thank-you for such great service.
Jo x

Jenny said...

Those are lovely boxes. Are they made of felt?