Friday, April 27, 2012

a mammoth shop update

Today the sun came out and many many photographs were taken...I've done a lot of sewing over the past week or so but the bad weather meant no photographs round these parts!  
Hooray for bright cheery weather!
*New*  Medium Felt Flowers
*New* Large Felt Flowers
 *New* Tall Mini Cupcakes
 *New* Happy Cupcakes
 *New* Owl Ornaments
 *New* Mushroom Ornaments
 *New* Bird Ornaments
*New* Cupcake Ornaments
AND .... best of all, my new Needle Case designs: Alphabet Needle cases...
...they come in 5 different colours & you can add whichever Initial you like!...
Or, if initials aren't your thing, there are new embellishment needle cases too!
I still need to list everything on NotOnTheHighStreet but I think I've stared at the computer for long enough already today...time for more sewing I think!


Nana said...

wowww... it's so cuteeeee... love it!

Tünde said...

These are all beautiful! Congratulations!

Оля Басенкова said...

Oh,so lovely!

Anonymous said...

All lovely!Really like the alphabet needle cases! lets hope the sun continues to shine! have a great weekend.

@Flor_HandMade_It said...

Wow…so beautiful!

tatiana said...

que cosas mas lindas me encanto los guarda agujas