Friday, April 20, 2012

the day of many ribbons!

 Today two big boxes arrived from America...tonnes and tonnes of ribbon spools & loads of mini brads too!
 Which is perfect timing because my ribbon stocks were looking a little bare!
Lots of counting and packing-note ticking off later and ......
 all my gorgeous ribbons are back!  AND if that isn't enough the parcel man also bought a parcel which was ordered 10 weeks ago and which I thought may never arrive!  But it was definitely worth the wait because it contained:  Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Ribbon !!  Look how teeny the pom poms are!!
 And look at the scrummy colours!
Ribbon Spools are HERE
Mini brads are HERE
Teeny Tiny pom pom trim is HERE


Anonymous said...

oooh liking the teeny tiny pom pom ribbon!

Jessie May said...

Me too! I'm in love with the aqua one! I don't know how you manage to get anything done Sarah, I think I would spend all day admiring all the ribbon!

The Bell's Have Moved! said...

Ooh! Can I come to your house and play!!!

Kuazue Mohamad said... yummy...

Kay said...

Oh, so gorgeous. I want them all!!