Monday, February 19, 2007

Where did Sunday go ?

Good Monday Morning !
Wowee where did yesterday go? I had such a great craft day, I went on the computer briefly but spent the majority of the day crafting.
I have discovered that I should embrace my love of lists. Saturday evening I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to achieve and Sunday I started it. No faffing, no wondering what to do, it was great, I got so much done!!
At work on Saturday I organised the new rota, which runs until 19th March and I decided to book a week off. Big J will still be going to work so I will have 8 days in a row to really craft craft craft!! I have booked next week so expect daily posts and pics of things I have done everyday!
(I need to add that to my list!) It also means I have a time target which I never normally do. If I am making new things I just make until they are done but I have given myself a target to introduce all my new items at once, it's exciting seeing my pile of new items grow and grow, and to not have to go on the computer to list them !
Yesterday I cut out the items for the March freebie....I think you will like this one but I will post more details next week.
I have had an enquiry from a fellow crafter to make a bulk order so I spent time yesterday pricing up and working out discounts etc. I will link you over to her either tonight or tomorrow because she makes some nice things using my little toppers!
It is so nice to see what people use my designs for...I may add a reader's gallery to my where is my list........

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Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a good Monday morning:-) Except a bank holiday!