Tuesday, February 27, 2007

week off: day two

A very busy craft day here. Some email sending and then light hand sewing to start the morning off and then it was time to crank up a gear. The overlocker was dusted off, the ironing board put up and the sewing machine set up on my temporary desk. A fully fledged sewing studio, and it makes a difference, Look at the pile of 'secret new things' I got finished....imagine what I could do if I had a real room to turn into a studio, instead of a lounge in disguise!!

Sometimes my dream of doing this for real seems like it could work !!

PS to all you readers who asked about my labels, they came from a local school uniform shop. www.jjcash.co.uk may be able to help you, or go and visit your own local small shops...you never know what you are going to find !!

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